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Kickstart your digital DB product

The DB Digital Product Platform enables you to create digital products at Deutsche Bahn in a short time to market – quickly, brand compliant, accessible and looking beautifully.

Trains and UI elements illustrated as overview of DPP features
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We want you to make Deutsche Bahn’s digital products stand out

The DB Digital Product Platform (DPP) offers a helping hand in creating your content, it gives code examples and provides you with ready to implement components that follow the brand and other UX guidelines. It serves as a central point of truth – no matter if you’re a developer, designer or copywriter. It enables you to build flexible digital experiences with an emphasis on mobility.

Our aim of DPP is enabling teams to create amazing products for DB in the style of ‘Moderne Ikone’. The same time serving accessiblity needs is a high priority for us. All our guidelines are carefully adjusted to maximum compatiblity to existing products (ECMX,, DB Navigator, DBUX, Rad+,, DotCMS and – of course – the guidelines and examples of the Marketing Portal).

And on top of that – everything is open source on GitHub and NPM. We offer all of our resources, principles, code and libraries for free (under the MIT Licence). You’re more than welcome to use them.

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To make sure that we include every user who will use our products we check colours for contrast, colour blindness and where possible and necessary, all colours adhere to core standards of the WCAG.

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Dark mode

A simple concept to implement a ‘Moderne Ikone’-compatible and accessible dark mode for your digital product.

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How to use colour

Colour is an essential part of our branding as well as an accessiblity concern. Learn step by stop how to make use of our brand colours to create ‘Moderne Ikone’-compatible products.

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Responsive web development

Responsive web development – without a single line of CSS

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Our basis

How does Deutsche Bahn feel as a brand? On the Brand Portal you can find the description of the brand across the whole product portfolio, from print to architecture to clothing. Because it is overencompassing, it offers only a brief overview of UI principles for digital products.

You will find the DPP React components within the Brand Portal in the UI section when logged in.